About Us

Supporting the lives and livelihoods of the transgender and nonbinary community.

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Culture, community, connection.

Our Story

Transcendence Cincinnati (then known as C.A.T.S.; Cincinnati Allied Transgender Support) was started in April of 2017 as a support group with social events hosted in the Mcmicken Freespace, a local community collective space and activist hub in the Brighton area that hosted such groups as Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, Sex Workers Support, and AA for Freethinkers/Art of Recovery.  When the Freespace closed, we moved our support meetings to the St. Johns Unitarian Universalist Church in Clifton, and hosted our social nights in Corryville's Highland Coffee House.  When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we switched all meetings to an online format, utilizing Zoom and starting a Discord server for socializing, gaining members in other states and countries.  In the spring of 2022 it is our plan to resume in-person support meetings and events in new, accessible spaces.

As of 2021 we have expanded our scope and focus to include funding for gender affirming aids such as chest binders, gaffs, and other needs of the transgender and nonbinary community.  In 2022 we are starting a large Give Out Day campaign to be able to help our community in other ways, such as paying for gender affirming clothing, medical costs such as prescriptions and co-pays, and to begin phase one of our plan for safe, transitional housing.  

Phase one of our housing project is to rent a property in Cincinnati with 4-5 bedrooms that will serve as emergency housing for transgender and nonbinary adults facing financial hardship or unsafe living situations.  This will be a rent-free, short-term (6-12 months) housing arrangement to allow community members to save their income to find more permanent housing and employment, if applicable.

Our 10-year goal is a purpose-built facility with 30-50 individual, 1 to 2 bedroom apartments that are income-based (30% gross income with utilities included), and grant-sponsored for those who do not currently have an income.  This facility will have on-site mental health services, employment placement services, and community gathering spaces for substance recovery meetings, other support meetings, and social events. Some units would be designated for disabled tenants, some units would be short-term, transitional housing and some designated for permanent housing.  We are looking to partner with local housing authorities and the city of Cincinnati for this project and are seeking the financial assistance of local businesses and organizations as well.  It is our hope that this project could serve many in the tri-state as a safe, affordable place to live.  Many transgender and nonbinary people find themselves with no place to go because of their identities, being discriminated against by employers and landlords, as well as the victim of hate crimes or abusive relationships, be it with intimate partners or even family.    It is our vision to be able to have a safe place for our people to live with others in our community.